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    Seattle Medical Marijuana. Our goal is to provide Seattle medical marijuana patients with reliable information regarding the medicinal uses of marijuana.

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  • Leafly awarded our recreational counterpart, Pot Stop, with the Best  in Washington title for the month of October!

    Leafly awarded our recreational counterpart, Pot Stop, with the Best in Washington title for the month of October!


During the 2015 legislative session, Second Substitute Senate Bill 5052 (SB 5052) was passed by the legislature. It was signed by Governor Inslee on April 24, 2015. Section 41 of the Cannabis Patient Protection Act (2SSB 5052) requires the Department of Health to "develop recommendations on establishing medical marijuana specialty clinics that would allow for the authorization and dispensing of marijuana to patients of health care professionals who work on-site of the clinic and who are certified by the department in the medical use of marijuana."
The department does not support establishing medical marijuana specialty clinics in Washington at this time.

• Healthcare practitioners cannot legally prescribe or dispense schedule I controlled substances and would potentially risk criminal prosecution, as well as civil and financial liability.
• Injured patients may be left without an adequate remedy if malpractice does occur.
• Further research using accepted scientific protocols is needed.
• Significant changes to existing licensing laws for commercial marijuana would be needed. Without such changes, practitioners at specialty clinics would not be able to access the marijuana they would later dispense to patients, which could present issues with supply.
Instead, the department recommends that individual practitioners become, to the extent possible given limited scientific research, educated and knowledgeable about the risks and benefits of the medical use of marijuana so they can provide their patients with accurate information and safe, competent care.
See the full report at www.doh.wa.gov/MedicalMarijuana/Publications.

For more information, contact us at 360.236.4819 or medicalmarijuana@doh.wa.gov.
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Note: All licensing related to growing, producing and retail stores is done through the Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB). Find more information here: www.lcb.wa.gov/mj2015/marijuana-2015. You can contact the LCB through their e-mail contact form at www.lcb.wa.gov/contact or call their general phone number 360-664-1600, where they will direct you to the right department.
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