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As medical marijuana patients, we have all had to endure the fear and stigma imposed upon us by nearly seventy years of marijuana prohibition. Despite the recent legalization of medical marijuana in Washington and other states, the fear and stigma persist. The Seattle Medical Marijuana Association is dedicated to healing the pain that stems from these destructive attitudes and feelings by providing a sensible alternative to the hysteria surrounding marijuana and by honoring you as a progressive and courageous force of change. We believe one way we may do that is to be conscious and respectful in all our interactions with our neighbors.


The Seattle Medical Marijuana Association believes each patient acts as an ambassador for the entire medical marijuana community. We want our fellow patients to feel cared for, to be recognized as important members of society, and to leave our facility inspired to be positive ambassadors for medical marijuana. Everyone is watching all of us to determine if medical marijuana is safe and sensible. If we dedicate ourselves to being such positive ambassadors for medical marijuana, our communities will begin to embrace us instead of being suspicious of us. The perception of medical marijuana will then be transformed, and the stigma associated with it will be eliminated.


The Seattle Medical Marijuana Association sees this as the key for achieving safe and legal access to medical marijuana for all suffering and sick Americans. We invite you to join us in building a kinder and more compassionate world, and thank you in advance for your efforts.



The Seattle Medical Marijuana Association (SMMA)

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Qualifying patients must carry their "valid documentation" with them whenever they possess or use medical marijuana. Valid documentation consists of two items: (1) their physician’s authorization, and (2) proof of their identity, such as a Washington state driver's license or identicard.

Beginning June 10, 2010, a recommendation must be written on tamper-resistant paper. It must also include an original signature by the health care provider, a date, and a statement that says in the health care provider's professional opinion the patient may benefit from the medical use of marijuana. The 2010 law change also prohibits the use of a copy of the patient's medical records in lieu of a recommendation.


Beginning July 25,2015, a valid recommendation must be written on the Washington State Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program appoved doccument. Which can be downladed here for your doctor to copy onto tamper resistant paper. 

SMMA shares its neighborhood with homes and business. We are working hard to establish a positive relationship with our neighbors, the city, and the police department. Please be respectful of their rights, privacy, and property. Remember, not everyone shares our opinions about medical cannabis!

You should be very careful not to park in our neighbors spaces. Please ask our staff for help with parking as we have 3 clearly marked reserved spaces in addition to free street parking right in front for our members!

We have promised our neighbors that there will be no loitering or nuisance behavior near our building. Help us keep this commitment by not lingering in the neighborhood or on the sidewalk. Always be courteous to those who live and work nearby.