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We are open 10am-9pm Monday-Thursday, 10am-10pm Friday and Saturday, and 10am-8pm on Sunday

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    Collective Garden

    Seattle Medical Marijuana is now accepting new patients! Our goal is to provide Seattle medical marijuana patients safe access to the highest quality medicine available.

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    Seattle Medical Marijuana Association is dedicated to serving those in need as defined by Chapter 69.51a RCW. Our Doctors section has information on where to schedule an appointment to obtain your authorization.



    We offer our members access to a wide range of 100% organically grown medicine. We offer free consultations from our expert staff as well.

Seattle Medical Marijuana is here to help.

"SMMA is a not for profit small grow co-op of legal Washington State Medical Marijuana patients and providers. Our goal is to create a safe and legal resource for patients and providers."

Seattle Medical Marijuana Association is a small grow co-op consisting of qualified marijuana patients linked together by their mutual need to produce the highest quality organic medicine for personal use. It is explicitly designed to conform with Washington State laws protecting qualified patients from prosecution for possession of medical marijuana. We strive to provide a safe place for patients that is a model of compassion and legal integrity. The SMMA operates in strict compliance with the letter and the spirit of Washington's medical marijuana laws.

As distribution of cannabis remains illegal, cultivation is the only method by which cannabis may be obtained under state law. While not specifically sanctioned under RCW: 69.51A, collective cultivation is also not denied. Due to the costly high-tech equipment and resources required for indoor cultivation of medical cannabis, the majority of patients are unable to grow their own medicine. Thus, collective cultivation has become the only viable legal option for most patients. We provide a comfortable location with safe access to a wide variety of medication including dried marijuana, edibles, extracts, and concentrates. 


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SMMA will close at 6pm on July 4th. Thank you for your cooperation!


Renew your authorization before July 24, 2015 to avoid complications!


Effective July 24, 2015 under SB 5052;

Post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury are added as qualifying conditions.
A qualifying condition must be severe enough to significantly interfere with the patient's activities of daily living and ability to function, which can be objectively assessed and evaluated.
All new authorizations must be written on a form developed by the department and printed on tamper-resistant paper.
Patient examinations and re-examinations must be performed in person at the healthcare practitioner's permanent business location.
Healthcare practitioners who write more than 30 authorizations per month must report the number to the department.
Healthcare practitioners cannot have a practice that consists primarily of authorizing the medical use of marijuana.
No more than 15 plants may be grown in a single housing unit even if multiple patients or designated providers reside there.
Butane extraction is prohibited unless the person is a processor licensed by the LCB.



For a full timeline regarding SB 5052 and the new regulations for the medical marijuana market, please see;


If you have any questions regarding SB 5052, please contact us. Remember, we're here to help!